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Thompson Sawyer Public Library

Who We Are

The Thompson Sawyer Public Library is located at 403 West 3rd Street in Quanah, Texas. The Thompson Sawyer Public Library provides free services to all residents living within Hardeman County.

The library holds over 28,000 materials including over 27,000 books, and 900 Audio Books, CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes. In total, over 11 thousand items were checked out of the system during fiscal year 2011-2012! In addition to these items, hundreds of people entered the library to utilize electronic reference resources, access the Internet through the Library's state-of-the-art Wi-fi service, participate in computer and Internet training, view a Library exhibit, participate in the GED classes that are offered, receive tutoring afterschool, or attend one of the Library’s many events.

Our friendly and professional staff is eager to serve you. Welcome to the Public Library!

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Thompson Sawyer Public Library to provide the means through which citizens of Hardeman County may have free access to the thinking on all sides of all ideas. The Library is a practical demonstration of the belief in universal education as a lifelong process.